Technical Introdution

Technical Introdution

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In recent years, the development of electronics products has been remarkable. With regard to various electronics parts including power inductors, the need to make them smaller, shorter and more efficient is greater than before.

In order to meet such demands, our company has produced a selection of power inductors on a commercial basis that are smaller, shorter and more efficient than previous models, by designing configurations of the ferrite core to optimize its structure for magnetic circuits.

We are determined to meet each client's demand in the future by serializing products that match the further development of electronics products and by developing the ferrite materials, designing the optimized process, and attaining high functionality.

Fortunately we develop many slim inductors from 2001.Also we was approved by our customer in marketing.

Low DC resistance, High current, Small Dimension 's power inductor will be a mainstream market.

Surface (Dimension) Electrical Characteristics Service
More and more small
Low DC resistance High current
New product provided, development, low cost