About Feng-Jui

About Feng-Jui

Company introduction

Feng-Jui Tech. was established in 1996 in Taoyuan, Taiwan with the vision of being a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of inductors. FJ Tech. has quickly become one of leading manufacturers of power inductors. Additionally, with our market leading technology and competitive cost, the demand for Feng-Jui products has grown rapidly. As a result of an aggressive capital investment plan to increase capacity, Feng-Jui continues to offer the shortest lead-times in the industry. With a strong global expansion plan, utilizing representatives and distributors in many major electronic markets, we are able to sustain consistent growth. This global expansion includes opening regional offices in Hong Kong (2008) and Korea (2016) and there are many distributer from worldwide like Europe/India/ Thailand/ Singapore/ US to better fulfill our goal of maintaining our position as a leader in design, manufacturing, and marketing of miniature key components. Feng-Jui has a highly-skilled, professional design team that can support customized components for a variety of industries. We have an especially robust focus on automotive and emerging technology applications.
Be an expert inductor supplier. Not only automated, No operator factory and smart QA system in FJ.

Auto made in our product

Our mission:

Competitive pricing for our customers
The highest quality products
Shortest lead times
Outstanding customer service
Fully automated production

Power Inductor Manufacturer

Feng Jui Technology Co., Ltd. is an experienced, industry-recognized, global power inductor supplier manufacturer based in Taiwan. We supplying SMD Inductors, Automotive Inductors and Power Inductors with superior quality at a competitive price. In addition to SMD Inductors, we also produce high standard Ferrite Chip Inductors, Wound Chip Inductors and Ceramic chip Inductors Aside from the above products, we also support Automotive Power Inductors , Flat Wire Power Inductors , Common Mode Chokes, and Dip Power Inductors. For more information on any of our products, please contact us.

Main Products: