Feng Jui Technology Co., Ltd.

Feng-Jui Tech. was established in October 1996 at Taoyuan, Taiwan, as a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of inductors. The market continues to demand further miniaturization of passive components. Existing surface mount technology is not able to completely meet market requirements. Feng-Jui Tech. has an experienced R&D team that is focused on using SMD power inductors development. In order to meet the demands for low DCR, high current

Company Profile

Company introduction

Feng-Jui Tech. was established in October 1996 at Taoyuan, Taiwan. As a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of inductors.

Feng-Jui Tech. has quickly become one of leading manufacturers of power inductors, manufacturing sizes down to 0805 (inches). Additionally, with leading edge technology and competitive costs, the demand for Feng-Jui products has grown rapidly. In conjunction with an aggressive capital investment plan to increase capacity, Feng-Jui continues to offer the shortest lead-times in the market. Moreover, we have an aggressive global expansion plan, utilizing representatives and distributors in many major electronics’ markets. Furthermore, in 2008 we introduced Feng-Jui (Hong Kong) to service more markets. In 2016 introduced Feng-Jui (Korea) to support Korea market. Our vision is to be a leader in design, manufacturing, and marketing of miniature key components in the electrical based industries. Feng-Jui had a good designer team that can support customized part. We also have many automotive customer experience over 8 years.

Auto made in our product

Make a low cost to our customer.
Provide a high quality product to our customer.
Auto-made in our production.

Power Inductor Manufacturer

Feng Jui Technology Co., Ltd. is a extremely-experienced Power inductor Supplies Manufacturer in Taiwan, supplying SMD Inductors, Slim Inductors and Power Inductors with superior quality and at a competitive price. In addition to SMD Inductors, we also produce Ferrite Chip Inductors, Wound Chip Inductors and Ceramic chip Inductors with excellent quality.  If you are looking for high quality Molded Power Inductors, Flat Wire Power Inductors, Common Mode Chokes, High Current Chip Beads and Dip Power Inductors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Products:  


1996 The China Plant established in Guang Dong.
1998 Initiated SMD Power Inductors production.
1999 The new 6000 m2 plant in Guang Dong came on-line.
2000 Our China plant passed the International ISO-9002 Quality Assurance Certification.
2001 The new plant expansion to 12000 m2 was completed, with a 1000 person workforce.
2002 Initialed Slim power inductors production and received great reviews from our customers feedback.
2006 Changed our production process to a fully automated system.
2007 Up-graded our production line to run Halogen free product.
2008 Set up Hong Kong based office.
2009 Our DongGuan Plant passed the International QC080000 Certification
2010 Set the auto machine by ourself
2011 Set the bar code monitor system in our production
2012 Set the AEC-Q200 certification from our part
2013 Relocation our head office to Zhong Li Dist.
2014 Input the new part to Medical and Car market
2015 Set up Korea office
2015 Expand full series for AEC-Q200 product
2016 Expand full series of Common mode choke
2017 Expand Taiwan Head Quarter area from 4000 m2 to 10000 m2
2018 Support to India market

ISO 14001-2015

ISO 14001-2015

IATF 16949



ISO-9001:2015, ISO-14000, QC-080000, TS16949

Core production process

  1. TDK experience engineer
  2. Over 10 years ferrite material experience
  3. 5 patents in SMT common mode in 2018
  4. Over 7 years in automotive customer
  5. Executive team led by engineers
  6. Financial stability, strong balance sheet
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility
  8. Leadership in design and manufacture of automation
  9. World Class DPPM(some of parts passed AEC-Q200
  10. Rapid response to customer inquiry and corrective action
  11. Powder development increased -provides a high performance (high current, low DCR) to our customers.


  1. Head Quarters based in Taiwan: Sales and marketing, R&D, Logistics, Finance, QA, Production
  2. H.K. office: Sales and marketing, Engineering, Logistics
  3. Korea office: Sales, Logistics
  4. China plants: Guang Zhou: Production, QA, Engineering, Logistics

Environmental commitments

  1. Purpose:
    1. In response to global environmental legal requirements, Feng-Jui TECHNOLOGY has developed 「QPQA07 Restricted Hazardous Substances Control Procedures」 in order to regulate the use of restricted materials during the production of Feng-Jui TECHNOLOGY products, comply with any environmental regulations, and to reduce the impact on the ecosystem.
    2. In addition to complying with the requirements of regulating the use of restricted substances, we are continually monitoring for any developments in the international environmental movement including: EU directive to ban electrical and electronic products (RoHS); EU - Chemical substance registration, evaluation, authorization and control (REACH); Halogen free specification in the industry; based on respect for the stance on international human rights (conflict minerals); USA California Proposition 65; United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants(POPs); Norway product regulations which prohibits the consumption of products that contain certain hazardous substances (PoHS) and so on.
    3. With regards to the impact on the environment, if there are regulations beyond the scope of the above, we expect our suppliers to uphold its commitment to environmental protection. We ask that suppliers must comply with the relevant requirements and regulations, and to fulfill the duty to inform Feng-Jui TECHNOLOGY of the status by then.
  2. Supplier Requirements and Corporate Responsibility:
    1. RoHS:
      1. Please provide Feng-Jui TECHNOLOGY with the final product’s raw material and a test report from a notary of a third party source to comply with RoHS (2011/65/EU) directives.
      2. In order to ensure that each supplier's manufacturing process, packaging, shipping and handling process do not produce RoHS restricted substance, test reports are valid for only one year.
      3. Corporate Responsibility:
        1. Exemption declarations are required if parts supplied to Feng-Jui TECHNOLOGY are referenced by exclusionary terms.
    2. PFOS/PFOA:
      1. Please provide Feng-Jui TECHNOLOGY with the final product’s raw material and a test report from a notary of a third party source to show compliance of the PFOS/PFOA Directive (2006/122/EC).
      2. In order to ensure that each supplier's manufacturing process, packaging, shipping and handling process do not produce PFOS/PFOA restricted substance, test reports are valid for only one year.
    3. Halogen Free:
      1. Please provide Feng-Jui TECHNOLOGY with the final product’s raw material and a test report from a notary of a third party source which comply with the specifications in line with the industry standards for products contacting halogen.
    4. REACH:
      1. Information refer to web address at http://echa.europa.eu
      2. If there are difficulties in providing the test report, it is acceptable to sign the Feng-Jui TECHNOLOGY provided contract stating the absence of restricted substances or provide us with the「REACH Compliance Declaration」
      3. In response to REACH's specifications, Feng-Jui TECHNOLOGY needs the supplier’s to provide all chemicals that are utilized during manufacturing. The IMDS provided must also include the CAS No.; To acknowledge the parts, we require your company to provide us with the IMDS.
      4. Corporate Responsibility: If your company manufactures or imports a total weight of over one ton on an annual basis to Europe 「chemicals」, then you are required to register on the website before 2018/05/31.
    5. Conflict Minerals: If your International Material Data System includes Sn、Ta、W、Au:
      1. In response to Bill H.R. 4173 Dodd-Franck Act signed by U.S. President Obama on July 2010, if the use of Tin (Sn), Tantalum (Ta), Tungsten (W) or Gold (Au) metal mineral resources are present, then we need to confirm whether the source of the material is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Please reply CMRT to Feng-Jui TECHNOLOGY.
  3. Regulatory Directive Limits:
    1. RoHS:
      RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU:
      1. Cadmium (Cd) <100ppm
      2. Lead (Pb) <1000ppm
      3. Mercury (Hg) <1000ppm
      4. Hexavalent Chromium (Cr(VI)) <1000ppm
      5. polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs) <1000ppm
      6. polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) <1000ppm
      7. Dis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) <1000ppm
      8. Butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP)<1000ppm
      9. Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)<1000ppm
      10. Di-isobutyl phthalate(DIBP)<1000ppm
    2. PFOS/PFOA:
      The permissible maximum concentration values of hazardous substances present in electrical and electronic equipment, general requirements are as follows:
      • Substance or constituent of preparations < 10ppm
      • Semi-finished products & articles & parts < 1000ppm
      • Textiles & other coated materials < 1ug/m2
    3. Halogen Specifications:
      The supplier shall comply with the following Halogen specifications: IEC 61249-2-21、JPCA-ES01 2003、IPC 4101:
      • Chloride (Cl) <900ppm
      • Bromide (Br) <900ppm
      • Total Halogens contained (Cl+Br)<1500ppm
    4. REACH:All of product contain SVHC <1000ppm.